What is silicon gasket?

What is silicon gasket?

Silicone pads are one of the most popular products in the market of silicone products. They have the characteristics of silicone, and also have certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, environmental protection and safety. ,odorless;
Food-grade silicone pads are non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, and are a highly active green product; food-grade silicone pads have inherent thermal stability and are suitable for different occasions. Softness can meet different needs. According to the good characteristics of silicone pad products, it is widely used in electronics, industry, household and other industries.

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Solid silicone products and liquid silicone products

Compared with solid silicone products, liquid silicone products are more environmentally friendly and suitable for overmolding. The appearance of the product is more transparent, and the parting line is thinner.

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silicone gasket/O-ring has excellent tensile properties and good elasticity

The silicone gasket/O-ring has excellent tensile strength, and will not breaking or deforming under very strong tensile force.

The silicone gasket/O-ring has better elasticity than ordinary rubber, and can maintain good elasticity even under 60 degrees.

silicone gasket/O-ring has excellent tensile properties and good elasticity

silicone gasket/O-ring has strong adaptability

The silicone gasket/O-ring is also very adaptable to the environment.even under a high temperature it well maintain its original shape and state, and not release any harmful substances in the environment.

silicone gasket/O-ring has strong adaptability

silicone gasket/O-ring has excellent sealing performance

The silicone gasket/O-ring has extremely high-quality sealing performance,it can complete sealing without leak of water or air.

silicone gasket/O-ring has excellent sealing performance
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