What is Silicone overmolding

What is Silicone overmolding

Silicone overmolding is combin different colors,different hardness and different materials together,which can full fill the different functional requirements , makes the products more beautiful and better touch feeling.


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We have our own mold workshop , product development with lower mold cost. According to the customer's product needs, we will suggest the better solution.

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We have rich experience in liquid silicone products molding, with high precision mold processing will ensure delivered quickly. Customers who choose us can get more professional advise and assistance.

Solid silicone products and liquid silicone products

Compared with solid silicone products, liquid silicone products are more environmentally friendly and suitable for overmolding. The appearance of the product is more transparent, and the parting line is thinner.

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Silicone overmolding process

For silicone overmolding our engineers  process engineering to develop the most innovative solutions(Self-adhesive or glued), combining two, three or more individual materials into one fully bonded, robust component.

Silicone overmolding process

Material for silicone overmolding

Our experience for Silicone overmolding,we will suggest the right material and better way for silicone over molding. including multi-color molding, double materials, and overmolding. Etc. (silicone + plastic / metal / PCB)

Material for silicone overmolding

The advantages of liquid silicone overmolding

The advantages of liquid silicone overmolding is products bonding details are more beautiful and more perfect, it is not easy to leak , it is not easy to cross color, and the product yield is high.

The advantages of liquid silicone overmolding
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We have done a lots of silicone overmolding products ,such as silicone overmold plastic parts, two-color injection, etc.

The plastic for silicone overmolding include  PC/PA/PPSU/PPS/PBT/PEEK, etc.

Silicone overmolding needs : 1. inert material should be high temperature resistance, 2. product in-mold should ok for positioning, 3.should able to sealing when injection molding.

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