1.Can Sil Link make create 3D or 2D drawings for customer?
We do not provide product design services in current stage. Customer is responsible for submitting 3D CAD and 2D with tolerance drawings, and we can then provide a Design for Manufacturing analysis report upon receiving your order. However, for some simple products, our engineer can create 3D CAD according to 2D drawing with full dimensions, but it’s charge.

2.What type of files does Sil Link accept for quoting?
In order to provide an accurate and timely quote, we only accept 3D CAD files in STEP or IGES format. 2D drawings with reference dimensions must be in PDF format. We must receive complete manufacturing information as part of this technical documentation.

3.How long does a quotation take?
In most cases, we provide quote within 24 hours of receiving an RFQ with full exact information. If the quote is delayed because of holiday or big projects, we will notify you within 12 hours after we confirm all informations.

4.How does Sil Link compare to other suppliers on price?
Sil Link’s prices will be typically 50% less for Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)  injection tools and plastic injection tools , 30% less on molded parts when compared to suppliers in North America and Europe.

5.Are lead times in working days or calendar days?
Lead times are quoted in calendar days. Lead time calculated start from approval of DFM (design for manufacturing)and the beginning of actual production.

6.How quickly can I get my parts?
After quality inspection on first mold trial samples or finished machined part, it should be 2-3 days from China to Europe or North America.

7.What are Sil Link’s shipping terms?
Our standard terms are Ex Works (EXW) for regular production orders. This means the customer is responsible for shipping, customs clearance and all other associated fees once the goods have left our premises.
For express shipments, we use Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), which means that the client is responsible for paying import duty when the goods arrive to your destination.

8.Does Sil Link provide export toolings?
Yes. However, we must be specifed during quoting, otherwise all our toolings is manufactured to be compliant with our Modular Unit Dies (MUD).  if customer changed idea to move the tooling, it will be charged for a new standalone moldbase.